Chief Investment Office Interview Series

The Chief Investment Office hosts a new Q&A style interview series on investment industry topics, sectors and trends.


The Chief Investment Office's NEW Interview Series provides insights and potential opportunities through focused discussion with internal or external experts in a wide variety of investment arenas.



Matthew Diczok Headshot
Matthew Diczok
Head of Fixed Income Strategy for the Chief Investment Office, Merrill and
Bank of America Private Bank

Meghan Swiber Headshot
Meghan Swiber
Senior U.S. Rates Strategist for
BofA Securities

Matthew Diczok, Head of Fixed Income Strategy for the Chief Investment Office, Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, speaks with Meghan Swiber, Senior U.S. Rates Strategist for BofA Securities. Highlights include:

  • To get the response it needs on inflation, the Federal Reserve needs to raise unemployment and risk sending the U.S. economy into a recession—our base forecast for now
  • The outcomes the Federal Reserve is most focused on will take time to achieve, suggesting more downside for markets 
  • On the positive side, higher yields produce more income and can enhance the ability of Fixed Income to provide portfolio diversification

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