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Family Office Services

To manage the complexities of substantial private wealth, you need highly sophisticated solutions and broad resources at the institutional level. Our Family Office Services team provides you with the scale and flexibility to manage your wealth, while you also benefit from an intensely focused advisory relationship.

Our Approach

Our relationship with families is about more than managing wealth.  It is about managing a lifestyle and helping to build a lasting legacy.  Our primary goal is to help our clients by offering relevant and innovative services to simplify the management of complex financial affairs.  We provide solutions that are aligned with your specific family values and objectives, are customized to each client’s unique situation and allow you the time to pursue personal aspirations, knowing that experienced, dedicated professionals are focused on your affairs.


Household Accounting Services

The Family Office Household Accounting Services team provides bill pay, expense management reporting and household payroll administration.

Tax Services

The Tax Services team offers tax compliance for personal, trust, gift and private foundations; provides comprehensive tax planning and performs various administrative tax functions.


Clients who engage Family Office Services for reporting services receive a variety of personalized custom statements, including consolidated portfolio reporting, financial statement reporting and personal cash flow reporting.

Consulting & Administration

Family Office Services has the ability to consult with clients on various issues. Consultative services include asset acquisition and disposition planning and risk management review.  In addition, they help with general administration and coordination for the family.

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