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Private philanthropy

Wealth Structuring

Philanthropy is about more than giving money —
it is about helping you pursue goals of great importance.

Our Approach

It begins with what matters most to you. For individuals and families seeking to establish or continue your tradition of giving, uniting your family around a common purpose or contributing your own experience in new ways, philanthropy can provide a unique opportunity to enrich your life.

At Merrill, we have helped generations of individuals and families achieve their unique charitable goals, and we continue to be at the forefront of the trends that are shaping the future of the philanthropic field.

Your private wealth advisor can help you access Bank of America’s suite of philanthropic services — to help you maximize the benefit of your charitable contributions both to the causes you support and to your personal fulfillment and financial profile. Our coordinated approach will better enable you to share your financial success with others and create a legacy of lasting impact.


Lifetime giving strategies

Establish a giving strategy that is based on your purpose, values, and needs.

Family philanthropy

Bring your family together to engage in a shared activity, whether it is a small start-up project or the management of a multi-year gift.

Philanthropic advisory & foundation management services

We can help you setup and navigate the nuances that go along with creating and managing a private foundation.

Trust and donor-advised fund programs

Structure a tax-efficient trust or donor advised fund that is based on your needs. By helping you understand the differences between various charitable vehicles, we can work with you to create a successful charitable giving plan.

A private wealth advisor can help you learn more.

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