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Customized Lending

Cash management & lending

You know that a true picture of wealth goes beyond the securities you own.
It includes the borrowing power that your assets convey as well as a
customized approach to your complex financial needs.

Our Approach

Your Private Wealth Management advisor can connect you with credit specialists at Bank of America to help you optimize both sides of your balance sheet, providing a range of offerings designed to recognize and reward the complexities of your wealth. Your credit specialist will work to understand your personal and business goals before creating a strategy designed to help you accomplish your objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

You will discuss areas that could be strengthened with additional liquidity, uncover opportunities to finance new ventures or purchases without disrupting your investment portfolio, and consider hedging strategies to help protect your assets against rising interest rates or market swings. The ultimate goal is to design a customized credit strategy to meet your needs.

Bank of America financing capabilities:

  • Credit specialists will work with you from start to finish.
  • Resources include marine, aviation, fine art, hedge fund, derivative and real estate subject-matter experts.
  • Credit facilities are tailored to your time frame, cash flow needs and collateral types.
  • Bank of America has the ability to offer attractive loan structures, competitive rates and flexible terms.1


Liquidity financing

To provide funding for personal or business goals, your Bank of America credit specialist can tailor a source of liquidity to your unique situation.

Wealth transfer financing

Provide for your heirs while deferring estate and transfer tax consequences through Bank of America liquidity strategies that leave your properties, securities and other assets intact.

Investment financing

A Bank of America credit specialist can help you fund a tactical allocation to real assets that may strengthen your balance sheet by producing consistent income.


Bank of America credit specialists with considerable experience and contacts in niche markets can help you finance lifestyle enhancements without disrupting your long-term investment strategy.

A private wealth advisor can help you learn more.

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