Exercise Your Power of Resilience

It’s a skill you can cultivate to help you overcome challenges. Here’s how to get started.

SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR RUTH ZUKERMAN, co-founder of SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports, is famous for making indoor cycling the exercise of choice for millions of Lycra-clad fitness buffs. Bonnie St. John, who had her right leg amputated below the knee at age 5, went on to win three Paralympic medals. A Rhodes Scholar, she currently is a leadership consultant to many Fortune 500 companies.

What both women have in common is a fierce determination to overcome obstacles. At Merrill’s Atlanta #WomenInvested event, they shared valuable insights on how all women can cultivate resilience to master challenges—whether it’s surviving a divorce, navigating corporate politics, or simply getting through a rough day.

Enjoy a sampling of their insights in the videos below. Click here to see more videos from our #WomenInvested series.

Be Your Own Breadwinner

As they trade childhood financial memories, Paralympic athlete Bonnie St. John and SoulCycle co-founder Ruth Zukerman both agree that having your own money can be liberating, “For me, to get out there on my own and start to make my own money was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in my life. Talk about empowering,” says Zukerman, “That’s what money has meant to me.”

Motherhood Changes Everything—Financially

“Having children made me do the things I was supposed to do. So we sat down and we did our wills and we got insurance—all the big-girl things,” says Paralympic medalist and leadership expert Bonnie St. John. “And be prepared to do it all over again—because everything changes.”

Connect with others—share your challenges

Spin class taught her that sharing connects and empowers people, says fitness entrepreneur Ruth Zukerman, author of Riding High. “It allows us to realize we aren’t struggling by ourselves.”

Tap into your “spirit mind”—not just your “task mind”

“Take time each morning to wake up your spirit,” suggests leadership expert Bonnie St. John, author of Micro-Resilience (at right, below). “You’ll go through the day with more perspective on what’s meaningful and what’s not.”