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More volatility ahead: Your key questions answered

What’s driving today’s sharp market volatility and how long might it last? Our Chief Investment Officer shares insights and offers steps to help soften the impact on your portfolio.

Merrill Perspectives

The markets have been extremely volatile this spring and many investors are concerned about how to navigate what could be a prolonged period of market uncertainty.

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More volatility ahead: Your key questions answered

“We expect this choppy, push-pull sort of market to continue until inflation peaks,” says Chris Hyzy, Chief Investment Officer for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank. In this episode of the Merrill Perspectives podcast, Hyzy explores the many factors driving today’s volatility — from concerns over Federal Reserve rate hikes to the economic effects of the Ukraine conflict, lockdowns in China and recession worries in Europe.


He also provides useful historical perspective and reviews four primary questions he believes are key to where the markets and economy could head from here.  And he offers ideas you could consider now to help reduce the level of risk in your portfolio and smooth the effects of volatility.

For more insights, read the CIO report “Clash of Competing Forces” and tune in to the CIO’s “Market Update” audiocast series.