Financial education handbook:

Practical ideas to engage the rising generation


For families who plan to transfer wealth, parenting adds another dimension to the process — the desire to raise motivated and financially responsible children. With 96% of college-bound students reporting they would have made different financial decisions with more financial education,1 it’s become vital to teach children basic money management skills, while instilling in them your values about money.

As a parent, you are the most critical source of financial information and guidance to set your child up for success. Learn how to prepare your child to value, manage and preserve your family’s wealth in our new guide, Financial education handbook: Practical ideas to engage the rising generationThe piece outlines age-appropriate educational frameworks and discusses key financial competencies — including saving, spending, investing and sharing — to foster learning in the context of family values.

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1 Based on a survey conducted by the National Financial Educators Council between November 21, 2012 and August 14, 2013. (Latest available data.)

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