The family philanthropic journey: Engaging family in shared charitable giving

Authored by the Merrill Center for Family WealthTM


Parents who are considering ways to engage in charitable giving may wonder how they can involve their children in this endeavor. It’s important to include the entire family in this decision, but it can be more complicated than simply having a conversation, especially if there is ambiguity in the parents’ intent and expectations, in addition to inevitable conflicting opinions and desires from their children.

At the Merrill Center for Family Wealth™, we have the insights and resources to help families engage in productive conversations around philanthropy. Our new whitepaper, The family philanthropic journey, follows Declan and Betsy Chancellor and their three adult children as they face challenges in agreeing on their charitable giving goals as a family. The article focuses on how the Chancellors used a step-by-step communication process that helped identify where each member was in their philanthropic journey. With this proven method, the family was able to develop a clear focus toward an agreeable solution.

If you'd like help navigating the complexities of charitable giving within your own family, contact your Merrill private wealth advisor, who can leverage resources and insights of the Merrill Center for Family Wealth™.

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