The Good Exit

How company owners sell their business without regrets.

Authored by the Merrill Center for Family WealthTM


So often, there is a focus on starting a new business. But what about when it’s time to move on from something you worked so intensely to create? If you or someone you know owns a business, please read our whitepaper The good exit: How company owners sell their business without regrets. This piece uses an illustrative scenario to discuss the presale, sale and post-sale phases of selling a business, including important considerations such as business preparation, legal and accounting audits, assembling a team and dealing with personal finances and planning. We also briefly cover five common reasons why people sell their business, and their corresponding timelines and key needs.

Selling a business is a process that can sometimes be laborious and stressful, but with support from friends, family and professionals like your attorney and Private Wealth Advisor, you can make a graceful exit and move on to pursuing other dreams and goals. The Merrill Center for Family Wealth™ can design processes (together with our advisor teams) to address your unique business sale needs and support the important personal and family development and goals that follow.

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